Basic course for civil and commercial mediators (Perugia, Italy)

8 November 2018 h 14:00, 24 November 2018 h 13:00

Hotel La Meridiana, Via del Discobolo, 42, 06132 Perugia (Italy)

Organization: Resolutia, mediation center and partner of the EU-funded project FOMENTO

The course allows participants to quickly and interactively gain the principles, rules, strategies and techniques necessary to play the role of mediator in civil and commercial disputes.

As required by the current legislation, at the end of the course RESOLUTIA will issue a certificate of participation that will allow participants to submit the application for registration on the lists of mediators at any body accredited by the Ministry of Justice for the management of mediation procedures in civil and commercial matters.

For more information visit RESOLUTIA website.