Elder Mediation

This is a preview of the lecture that Victoria Riedel  will hold in Leipzig on June 26th, 2019  within the European Conference on Mediation in Cross-Border Succession Conflicts:

The worldwide ageing population is constantly increasing. With the impacts of growing older there is a rise of external, mainly family-internal and often very personal issues in dealing with this social and individual development. To name a few topics- caregiving at home or in facilities, financial matters, decrease of strength and power, the juggling of the ‚sandwich generation‘, inheritance, the one taking daily care vs. the fly-ins, medical, psychological and more age-related developments and much more.

Understanding of the physical, emotional, social and cultural expectations of elder persons can give the involved mediator awareness and sensitivity. To know the areas of concern is a starting point for mediators especially in cross-border succession conflicts which the FOMENTO project focuses on. This lecture is aimed to provide first  impressions of the field and thus empower the participants to embark on the journey to become an elder mediator.

The European Conference on Mediation in Cross-Border Succession Conflicts is a possibility for mediators and jurists to get in contact and exchange experience in the field of succession conflicts. It also provides a venue for giving and receiving constructive feedback on research in progress, networking and discussions for the advancement of mediation across Europe.

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About the Author:

Victoria Riedel is based in Duesseldorf, Germany. Attorney-at-law for over 20 years she specialized in inheritance law. Highly trained as mediator with a strong inclination to elder mediation she currently finalizes a Master Course in Continuing Education Integrated Gerontology.