CALL FOR PAPERS: European Conference on Mediation in Cross-Border Succession Cases

26 June 2019, Leipzig (Germany)

The European Conference on Mediation invites abstracts from mediators, legal practitioners, researchers, academics and policymakers for lectures or workshops

Proposals submission deadline: October 30th, 2018

The EU-funded project FOMENTO-Fostering mediation in cross-border civil and succession matters conducted an in-depth analysis of the implementation effects of the European Succession Regulation (No 650/2012) and of the Mediation Directive (2008/52/EC) in 6 European countries to highlight challenges and opportunities of cross-border mediation in civil and succession cases.

The results of the FOMENTO research report will be illustrated during the European Conference on Mediation in order to help citizens and professionals to get useful insights about the specific features of cross-border succession conflicts and the advantages of the mediation practice.

Colleagues and professionals seeking a stimulating opportunity to learn and share the latest research, best practices, theories, and insights in this field should attend the conference.

The event will also provide a venue for giving and receiving constructive feedback on research in progress, networking and peer-to-peer discussions for the advancement of mediation across Europe.

Each workshop can last either 1½, 3 or 5 hours and can be held in English or German.

If you are interested in submitting a contribution for a workshop or a lecture, please fill in our Call for Papers and send it out via e-mail by October 30th, 2018. The papers will be reviewed by all Partners of FOMENTO project.

Areas of interest:

  • mediation in succession cases (specifics, techniques, methods)
  • legal issues in cross-border succession cases (effects of Succession Regulation)
  • cross-border mediation (specifics, intercultural issues)
  • co-mediation in cross-border context (techniques, communication)
  • online-mediation (tools, techniques, application)