Fomento animated videos show how to deal with cross-border succession matters

Are you involved in a cross-border succession conflict? Did you know that there is an Act which regulates inheritance procedures within the EU?

Inheritance disputes are much more frequent than one might think and often lead to major conflicts, especially when heirs belong to different EU States.

In most of these cases mediation can be an appropriate and cost-effective alternative to legal proceedings. Unfortunately, many European citizens are not aware about the advantages of using mediation in cross-border succession conflicts.

If you are willing to make informed decisions and to learn more about this alternative method of conflict resolution watch the multilingual animated movies produced within the EU-funded project Fomento.

Our educational short videos show real-life examples of families dealing with international succession disputes successfully solved through mediation. You will also gain useful insights into the effects of the EU Succession Regulation and of the EU Mediation Directive.


Watch the videos:


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