The Council of Europe adopts the Code of Conduct for Mediation Providers

At its 31st plenary meeting, on 3 and 4 December in Strasbourg, the CEPEJ adopted three new tools to promote the development of mediation in Council of Europe member states. These three tools are (i) a Code of Conduct for Mediation Providers, (ii) a set of Mediation forms that can be used directly by mediators and mediation providers, and (iii) a Baseline Grid with performance indicators to establish baseline mediation statistics. They will be added to the CEPEJ’s flagship document on mediation: the Mediation Development Toolkit, which is intended for Council of Europe member states, as well as for mediation providers, associations, institutes or federations working in this field, individual mediators, lawyers, judges and prosecutors, and non-judge staff of the courts.

[Source: Council of Europe]


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