Mediation in cross-border succession conflicts: FOMENTO research is online

The EU-funded project FOMENTO has newly released an insightful research report, that shows the implementation effects of the EU Mediation Directive and Succession Regulation in 6 Countries. The study, based on online surveys and expert interviews, highlights challenges and opportunities of civil mediation in cross-border succession cases.

Every year a growing number of EU citizens move from one State to another  for studying, working or setting up a new family. Consequently ever more people get involved in cross-border inheritance cases with juridical and psychological effects.

In all these matters mediation turns out to be a particularly effective and time-saving method of disputes resolution, allowing consensual solutions that fulfil the personal needs of the involved parties.

The EU Mediation Directive has greatly enhanced the role of civil mediation in the context of cross-border disputes, simplifying the rules and giving citizens a wider access to this instrument.

Nevertheless, many obstacles are still hindering the widespread use of civil mediation in cross-border cases, for example the differences between national mediation systems and the lacking uniformity of quality standards in mediation training across Europe.

How many citizens know the benefits of using the mediation practice in cross-border succession cases? They are too few, according to FOMENTO’s findings. Many legal professionals, indeed, urge more awareness-raising campaigns.

A large number of interviewed experts also underline the importance  of cooperation between mediators, lawyers, notaries and judges and recommend setting-up ever more European networks, allowing citizens and professionals to better identify experts in the  field.


Visit our RESOURCES page and find guidelines for citizens and professionals with hands-on information on how to handle cross-border succession matters.


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Barth, J., Böhm, B., Pfützenreuter, J. Research Report: Mediation in cross-border succession conflicts and the effects of the ‘Succession Regulation’, 2018

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