Succession conflicts with a cross-border impact: FOMENTO guidelines for citizens

Are you a citizen planning to have your habitual residence abroad or a heir or legatee involved in a cross-border succession conflict?

Succession conflicts with a cross-border impact may arise when a family member with habitual residence or properties in another EU country passes away. The decease of a family member has always a highly emotional impact on heirs and very often interpersonal issues and conflicts of interest cannot simply be solved through legal ways.

In order to prevent conflicts at an early stage, seeking support from a mediator can be a sensible choice. A successful mediation process, indeed, can help citizens prevent or solve family conflicts and leads to a greater satisfaction among the heirs.

Unfortunately many European citizens are not aware about the advantages of using mediation in cross-border succession conflicts and therefore prefer to pursue traditional legal pathways.

The EU-funded project FOMENTO has just released tailored GUIDELINES that aim to raise public awareness about the benefits of using alternative dispute resolution methods in cross-border succession conflicts.

Notably, the guidelines provide EU citizens with practical information and knowledge about:

  • main novelties brought about by the EU Succession Regulation;
  • web-based resources on EU legislation in the mediation field;
  • the necessary steps that one needs to take when dealing with cross-border succession disputes.

The guidelines are also enriched with examples that show real-life situations of families dealing with succession disputes successfully solved through mediation services.


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